Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Girl faints from marriage proposal :just hilarious

Too funny.... lol

That's one way to sweep her off her feet... Woman so overwhelmed by boyfriend's proposal that she FAINTS on camera
It was a moment so overwhelming she was simply swept off her feet. 

While most girls are surprised by their proposal- Britanny Hillard was so shocked when boyfriend
Cameron Humfleet asked her to marry him that she blacked out completely. 
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Party: Britanny is led into her surprise party blindfolded.
Party: Britanny Hillard is led into her surprise party by boyfriend Cameron Humfleet, while blindfolded.
24-year-old Cameron from London, Kentucky, proposed to his blonde girlfriend in front of all her friends.
The 20-year-old was so stunned that she fainted, only recovering enough to re-enact the proposal again 15 minutes later.
The whole thing was captured on camera, and was later posted on You Tube by the bride-to-be herself.
Now the video has gone viral, with thousands of hits in just a few days.
All smiles: Britanny is greeted by friends but still has no idea about the second part of the surprise

What? As Cameron pops the question Britanny is so surprised she blacks out

Fainted: Seconds later the bubbly blonde hits the floor
Fainted: Seconds later the bubbly blonde hits the floor, to everyone's amazement
Originally the romantic boyfriend had planned a double surprise for his younger love interest.
First Cameron had organised Britanny a 20th birthday party with all her friends. As it was a week late, she is not expecting it at all and after arriving blindfolded is amazed to find a party in her honour.
But the party soon proves to be just the cover surprise, when it is revealed that her thoughtful partner set the whole party up in order to propose.
Take 2: After a brief recovery, Cameron tries again. Britanny still seems surprised though

Engaged:The happy couple embrace as they celebrate their amazing news
As he gets down on one knee, ring in hand, it all proves too much for the bubbly blonde, who tumbles backwards, legs in the air.
Fifteen minutes later, she has fully recovered and was ready to hear it again, happily accepting.
An ecstatic Britanny wrote on You Tube: 'I have the best fiance in the whole world!'
And once the video went viral, she added on Facebook: 'This is crazy. I really wasn't expecting all this to happen. I'm overwhelmed.'
The birthday proposal came a year after the couple began dating.

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