Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A gown made from £50.000 human

Very Artsy...but the question will you wear it ?

The dress maker who shot to fame on channel4 series My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding has taken bizarre bridal wear to the next level - with a gown made from human hair.
Thelma Madine, the seamstress of choice for travellers in the UK, used 250 metres of hair extensions making the dress, which is valued at around £50,000.
A team of dress makers from Madine's now famous Nico bridal store worked with hairdressers from Liverpool salon Voodou to create colourful the dress.
My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding dress maker
Hair comes the bride: Thelma Madine, who is the dress maker on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, has created a wedding gown made of human hair. It weighs 15 stone and is a size 6
The shocking red colour may be enough to make many a blushing bride's hair curl, but Madine said she has identified the perfect model for her daring design.

She has offered the pricey piece up to Lady Gaga to wear the next time she is in the UK.
Gaga, who specialised in everything from the glamorous to the grotesque, hit headlines in a dress made entirely of meat earlier this year.
And according to Madie, the triumph would be the ideal dress for Gaga's trademark style.
She said: 'I'd be overwhelmed if someone like Lady Gaga would consider wearing it, we think she would look amazing in it.
wedding dress designed by My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding dress maker Thelma Madine
Locked down: It took the handy work of eight members of staff  to make and contains 250 metres of hair. They also used tens of thousands of individual hair wefts and different pieces of hair, 1500 crystals and 12

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