Monday, 28 November 2011

How do you spot the fake Channel 2.55 bag?

With a high price tag of  more than £2000 , no wonder there are a lot of replicas... Can you spot the fake ones from this pics?

My favourite Kardashian in my favourite bag! Lush!

The Chanel bag comes in soo many colours! But I Love the colour Angela went for here!

Please! Victoria Beckham is too exclusive. Super sized, Limited Edition!

Kim Kardashian

Is it not the cutest bag ever?

The bag that makes that elegant difference!

Check out Kim Kardashians Louboutin Chanel

Chrisette Miichelle knows whats up!

Anyhow you wanna carry it, it doesn't even matter. Its always lush!

I can't stress enough how essential the black Chanel bag is!

Love the way Khourtney paired hers with the chain belt, smart thinking!

Victoria Beckham leaves me speechless! What a BOSS!

Lilly Allen is crazy for Chanel! She was featured in their Ad Campaign! Well jealous!

Colour blocking with your Chanel Bag! Swag!

The everyday bag!

Ignore her whole outfit pls, its the bag, the colour, how cute!

 And from Naija.. hmmmm...
Jumai Shaba rocking a Chanel 2.5  

Me thinks dats a 2.5 tooo

Genevieve Nnaji...

Another it

Yes O  and another 2.5..

Ezinne Alfa  rocks hers on the red carpet


This is real handy..will fit everything in this...

Nneka Okafor shows the back view of above bag

Stephanie & Joan Ezeoba


  1. I dislike Genevieve's one the most. I was hoping to buy the fake but after reading this I shall shut my eyes and go for the original..hehe