Monday, 28 November 2011

Maybach To Be Discontinued: End of an Era

What will our naija Celebs do now?... They r just catching up on this trend and its ending .. hahahahahahhaha

Well Dayum! It looks as though Hip Hop may have to find itself a new fancy brand of cars to brag about!
In an unexpected announcement last week, Daimler AG revealed that they will be discontinuing their luxury Maybach vehicles soon due to low sales and lack of profits. Last year, there were reportedly less than 200 Maybachs sold, which carried a starting price of $375,250 — one of which Kanye West and Jay-Z happily chopped and screwed for their music video, ‘Otis.’
To make up for the financial loss, Daimler Chief Executive Dieter Zetsche plans on expanding the company’s now three Mercedes-Benz S-Class model to six in 2013.
“We came to the strong conclusion that the sales chances for the Mercedes brand are much stronger than those for Maybach.”
The luxury vehicles have been the ride of choice for rappers over the years, making appearances in numerous hip hop videos and being the motivation behind the name of Rick Ross’ label, Maybach Music Group. Last year, fans of Diddy’s son Justin Combs were left green with envy when he was presented with a $350,000 Maybach for his 16th birthday during MTV’s Sweet 16 special.
You have to wonder if Hip Hop’s influence had any impact on sales…

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  1. Was fuer eine Schande, das ist so ein Auto, es tut mir tief im Herzen weh, das sie so ein wunderschoenes Auto nicht mehr bauen wollen. What a car that they're about to scrap, isn't it making as much sales as expected any longer ? Pleeaaase save Maybach somebody .