Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Usher"s ex wife wants more Cash or else....

can someone say we told u...

She Takes Away Custody Of Usher’s Kids

Just when you thought the public divorce battle between Usher and Tameka Raymond was over, they are back at it again over custody of the kids. This time, Tameka is vying to take away Usher’s shared custody of the kids because he continues to blow off his legal
obligations in their co-parenting agreement.
Among things she says he failed to do are:
– obtain her permission to travel outside the state with the kids
– get her approval before hiring nannies
– give her first shot to watch the kids when he’s away for more than 8 hours
– allow her to take the kids for 2-weeks in the summer of 2011
– let her have custody of the kids during Christmas break 2010
She’s also claiming that he closed her Saks 5th Avenue credit card without notice. According to Tameka’s twitter, the card wasn’t used for luxuries but for Business purposes. Additional responses from her on the story were:
Haha I love how this guy manages to always be the victim. So masterful. Its amazing.
the headline is a lie, also its negative because it only tells a morsel. smh
But there’s more to the story.. Tameka and Usher reportedly made an arrangement for him to pay her $5,000 a month to hire her own nanny, however he stopped making payments and now he’s $34,000 behind in payments. She also says that there has been a substantial change in his income since their divorce – with the success of his last album- and she should be entitled to more child support.
No matter how you look at it, Usher is about to be flooded with a bunch of ‘I told you sos’ from people who didn’t think the relationship would work in the first place. It’s unfortunate that kids are involved in this ongoing drama. SMH

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  1. Why are some "Black Women" the real problem to their "Black Men", all in the name of materialism, why don't we see this happen amongst people of other races, what's really wrong with some "Black Women", but they're the ones who'd shout the loudest, when they see a "Brother" with a woman from another race, isn't reason now obvious enough why some "Brothers" won't even want to touch them with a stick ?