Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Halle Berry’s 3 Year Old Has To Attend Counseling

with parents..... Sad ain'it... There's a thin line btw love and hate... I know !!!

Well, isn’t this sad..
It has been recommended that Halle Berry take her daughter to counseling sessions due to the on going battle between her and her baby’s father Gabriel Aubrey.
It was just a few years ago, when Halle revealed that she wasn’t looking for marriage but she was definitely looking for someone who she could have babies with. Shortly afterward, Gabriel Aubrey popped up in her life but it wasn’t a ‘wam bam! thank you mam, thanks for my baby, you go your way and I’ll go mine’ situation. The two were involved in a public relationship, however after they parted ways, the many problems that started to arise over the baby and who would have custody has become more of a headache than if she would have just went to a sperm bank.
Now she’s back in court again this week, attempting to obtain a restraining order against Gabriel to keep him away from their baby until a child endangerment investigation against him is resolved. She is claiming he put her child in danger when he pushed the nanny while she was holding Nahla. The judge, however, recommended that everyone should go to counseling, including Nahla so they could peacefully figure out how they will raise her. Gabriel rejected all of the recommendations including one that suggested he attend some anger management classes so they’ll be back in court again for a full hearing shortly.
Who’s to blame in this on-going battle? Is Gabriel being spiteful? Or is it Halle, who has added this to her laundry list of bad relationships with men. According to Spearhead, a site dedicated to exploring men issues, the racial angle of the two raising an interracial baby is the underlying factor in their Made-For-TV child custody drama.

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