Saturday, 23 June 2012

Beyonce and Kim Kardshian hanging out at Kanye n Jayz's concert...

Hmmmmmmmmmm...., is all i'm saying !!!!!

Welp, there goes the story of Beyonce avoiding the Kardashians. Tonight, she was spotted awfully close to Kim Kardashian while in the mosh pit at the ‘Watch The Throne’ Birmingham, U.K show.  The two were dancing and having fun among concertgoers while Jay and Kanye performed ‘N-ggas in Paris’ 12 times.
Meanwhile, the lucky girl who tweeted the first photo of the two was slammed by Beyonce fans on twitter for posting what they thought was a photoshopped photo. They said their Queen would never…
Beyhive is definitely HEATED..

A few more pics and some twitter reactions below: 

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