Saturday, 9 June 2012

Omotola Jalade Is Officially The Hightest Paid Actress In Nollywood

A few years back, the actress take home pay was worth N1.7M and the amount made headline news with different schools of thought voicing their opinion

That was the first time it began to dawn on observers that actresses who have paid their dues are actually getting paid. 
As you read this omotolas take home fee is no longer N1.7M, the actress now collects N5M(five million naira per script)to be involved in any movie. 

According to observers "she has even turned down scripts worth N3M and recently turned down a script worth N2.5M and ireti doyle got the role. "Omotola got paid N5M for her role in movie 'amina' by producer tarila thompson whilst she go N4.5M for her role in ties that bind after a series of negotiations.

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