Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Golden Rules To Keep A Man..

.hahahahaha...... , can't stop laughing.......

Oya enjoy the list ..

 Golden Rules To Keep A Man

To all my beautiful sisters out there, here are the top 10 golden rules to keep your man.
1. Give Him His Space.
2. Be Loyal To Him.
3. Don’t Be Too Demanding
4. Do Not Nag Him
5. Do Not Stalk Him
6. Don’t Ever Compare Him With His Friends Or Anyone.
7. Do Not Cheat On Him
8. Don’t Accuse Him Of Cheating
what if, he's cheating???
9. Trust Him
10. Always Be Proud Of Him.
11. Compliment Him Always Don’t Compete With Him.
12. Be Loyal To Him
13. Pray For Him
14. Encourage Him When He’s Down
15. Don’t Suspect Him
Lastly ensure you cook for your man.

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