Monday, 23 July 2012

When Did Flying Abroad ‘Uselessly’ Become Status Adding Enterprise For Ghanaian Celebrities

Hahahahaha .... thought so too, but i'm sure most of them come for some business ......
 funny though..:)

Ghanaian Celebrities In USA
Ghanaian Celebrities In USA
This may sound absurd and shallow but I am tired of the level of ignorance some of our celebrities are parading. The pathetic part of this is that, certain news starved media houses are also helping them in championing what seems to me like a feckless enterprise.
If you have been following Entertainment reports recently, you would have come across news like ‘Yvonne Okoro Goes To UK’,  ‘Yvonne Nelson Flies To USA’, ‘Joselyn Dumas Spend Weekend In London’, ’John Dumelo Goes To USA’  and all sort of headlines.

If you spend time to go further than just reading the headlines, you will quickly establish that, there is nothing substantive being reported apart from these stars boarding planes to foreign countries. From these media reports and information that I have gathered, most of these trips are  feckless endeavors…
Over the weekend, I asked few people in the industry including a celebrity about the recent frequent trips of our celebrities to foreign lands. I wanted to find out what they really go there for since the many reports say ‘they are there for a business trip’.
I have no issue if someone is taking a holiday outside Ghana but from my deductions, many of these trips are not holidays. I was also told that, among the celebrities and certain Ghanaians, if you fly abroad a lot (no matter the reason of flying), it adds some sort of marks to your status. This is therefore the reason why most of our stars are frequently tripping to the United States and UK,  and then arranging with media men to put their ‘useless’ trips in the public domain.
Despite my big laugh, I could not simply understand how travelling ‘pointlessly’ to any country will add anything to ones status.
I do not think Beyonce , Halle Berry or Denzel Washington will fly to London for nothing, hang around some hotel and then fly back to America even though they can afford these trips.
Do not confuse holidaying with these useless trips. Same way one will not just board a flight or car to Kumasi and hang out there for few days , why do these same people fly to other countries and hang out there uselessly, thinking it adds value to their brand?
If flying abroad adds any mark to people’s status, then I guess those living there have zillions of status mark….
We really got a long way to go!
Ghanaian Celebrities In USA
Ghanaian Celebrities In USA

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