Thursday, 9 August 2012

Michelle Obama and Us Athletes

Soooo Cute....

The White House has released a series of images documenting highlights from Michelle Obama's trip to London for the Olympics Opening Ceremony.
The First Lady, who was in the host city to lead the U.S. Presidential Delegation to the Games at the end of last month, is pictured spending time with Team USA athletes and their families.
One adorable photo posted on the official Flickr page shows her being embraced by the children of former Olympic swimmer Summer Sanders.
Michelle Obama
Informal moment: Michelle Obama is lifted up in the air by wrestler Elena Pirozhkova after a breakfast with Team USA at their training facility at the University of East London on July 27

Michelle Obama
Bowled over by hugs: The First Lady was warmly embraced by the children of former Olympic swimmer Summer Sanders, Skye and Spider, after the Let's Move! event on July 27 at Winfield House
Captured after the Let's Move! event on July 27 at Winfield House, the residence of U.S. Ambassador Louis Susman, young Skye and Spider are captured launching themselves at Mrs Obama, bowling her over with hugs.

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