Thursday, 13 September 2012

Oil & Gas Gala Night: VIP Table , N300million Table!

2 Million  Dollars?? Ok !
Can you guys see what I am seeing? Oil & Gas Gala Night - September 29th, 2012. Ticket - N10 million. VIP - N30million. Table - N100 million. VIP Table - N300 million.
It was advertised on Thisday Newspaper yesterday. Some people don't have fear of God sha! Lol! Continue to see a bigger image of the ad...


  1. Does it come with an oil Reservoir? If not , they got to be out of their damn minds .

  2. See the Poster for 300 million tables

    Yeah right , Just stupid

  3. This ur blog ,don dey vex person now, abi which main annoying story b this?, nonsense