Monday, 3 September 2012

When Life Gives You Lemons, Celebrate and Look Beautiful

It's my blog, and i want to blog about Lemons! Loool ....

Here... Some useful benefits 

Though infamous, lemons are probably one of the best gifts the school called life might ever throw your way. Freshly squeezed lemon juice has been a well kept beauty secrets for centuries. People in ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt fully maximized the benefits of this fruit and we’ve all heard tales of how stunning they were.
Here’s why the people of old had lemon juice in their beauty stash and why you should too.
Cleanser: Lemons contain citric and plant acids which are effective in the treatment of acne and other skin blemishes. They act as a cleanser to rid the skin of dirt and excess oils that clog our pores. The acids are similar to what is contained in on-the-spot acne treatments so they reduce the size of pimples by drying them up. There are many different ways in which you can use a mix of lemon juice and other natural products to create cleansing products at home. Sugar, honey, eggs, milk and other foods can all be mixed with lemon juice in varying proportions for effective but pocket friendly skincare treatment. I recently created a recipe for a nourishing face mask that includes lemon juice and I’m loving what it’s doing to my skin.

Toner: Apart from cleansing, lemon juice serves double face duty by also acting as a toner. It helps to tighten pores back to their original size, keeping the face taut to prevent premature aging. It is also naturally brightens and rejuvenates the skin if used a few times a week. Additionally, lemon juice is known to fade acne spots and scars to give a more even skin tone over time. Diluting the juice with a bit of tap water, you will have one of the best toners available on the market. Don’t forget your moisturizer though as the acids in lemon juice are very drying and may sting the face slightly. Your moisturizer will restore balance to your face and soothe your skin.
If you have dark elbows, knees or dark patches on any other areas of your body, applying some freshly squeezed lemon juice to the area will serve to fade the dark patches away over time.
Pouring a cup of lemon juice in your bath water and soaking up once a week is a relaxing way to treat yourself and get glowing skin at the same time. You shouldn’t leave your hands and feet out of all the pampering though. When they feel tired, achy or cracked, pour some warm water into a bucket, a cup of milk and a cup of lemon juice. Soak for about 30mins whilst listening to some calming music. This is a natural way to distress and it will leave your hands and feet looking smother and softer.
For your hair, there are many hair care remedies that involve the use of lemon juice. It can be used whilst making a deep conditioner along with eggs, olive oil, mayonnaise and all that good hair stuff. The juice is also known to be used in the treatment of dandruff and itchy scalps.
Lemon juice has been lauded by nutritionists and scientists all over the world for its detoxifying abilities. A drink of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and water helps to rid the liver of harmful toxins and gives your insides a good cleanse. I went on a lemon juice detoxification for 10days and believe me when I tell you that my skin, hair and nails never looked better. The internal cleansing also made me drop a few kilos. Win, Win, Win, Win!
The benefits of lemon juice don’t stop here; they extend to your kitchen. It is a very popular flavoring that gives a zing to beef and fish dishes. Add some lemon juice when marinating steak or squeeze on fish before popping it into the oven and you’ll notice how it brings out the yummy flavors in your food.
So next time life gets a little cheeky and hands you lemons on a platter, don’t just make lemonade, you know what to do. :-)

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