Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Tamar Braxton Shows Off Her Baby Bump

Congratulations ....

Say word????
It looks as though the biggest kept secret in the Braxton Family has finally been revealed.  Tamar is pregnant!
She finally put her baby bump on display this morning in a body-hugging Alexander McQueen dress, after hiding her pregnancy for months.  And yes, she is very pregnant honey!  This morning, during a stop at ABC’s Good Morning America, she revealed that she only has a few more months to go.

I have a love on top! I am pregnant! [...] I don’t have that many months to go. Almost there!
This explains why Tamar’s album hasn’t received a release date!  What’s very interesting is that her fans started suspecting that she was pregnant after her appearance on BET’s 106 and Park last month but Tamar attempted to shut the rumors down by tweeting a photo of her flat stomach (before immediately deleting it).   It looks as though she had planned to hide the pregnancy for as long as she could. This morning (before her official announcement), when “The Breakfast Club Morning Show” asked her about the pregnancy rumors, she was still very secretive while telling them, “I have four kids in the freezer. When it’s time, we’ll have one. Embryos. Two girls and Two boys.”
Catch more pics below:

On Feb. 17, Tamar shared this photos with her fans to throw them off:

By the way, in September, she dished to “The Breakfast Club Morning Show” that she wasn’t ready for kids just yet, because she really wanted to get her music career off the ground first, but this is definitely proof that when it’s time, it’s time!
I want kids in my life but I just feel that as a woman, it’s important for me to lead by example. I don’t want to have a daughter and she thinks that I’m at home like a housewife, that’s not the woman that I am and that’s not the woman that I want to convey to my daughter, if I have one. So, I just feel that there is some things that I need to do on my own so I can be a respected mother and that’s just the bottom line.
Congrats!!!! Kids definitely change a woman’s perspective. There is no doubt that she will be a wonderful mother.
Bonus: Catch the Braxton sisters on The Breakfast Club Morning Show below:

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