Thursday, 1 August 2013

Denzel Washington’s Wife Turned Down His Marriage Proposal Twice...

Fight for ur love !..

Denzel & Pauletta Washington at the '2 Guns' Premiere

Persistence is key.
Long-lasting black love in Hollywood is hard to come by, but Denzel Washington and his wife Pauletta are still going strong, and if it wasn’t for his perseverance, their marriage may not have happened.

This week, while on the red carpet for his latest film “2 Guns,” the couple, who recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary, revealed to Access Hollywood that Denzel had to ask Pauletta to marry him three times before she said, ‘Yes.’
Judging from their interaction, Pauletta wanted him to be sure it was something that he wanted to do and that he would be committed to making their marriage work and growing old together. She said:
“It was three times. I know with age sometimes things [go], the mind [goes].”
When Denzel asked, “Why was it twice…Why would I have to ask again?”, she responded:
“Because I said no.”
Denzel also joked:
“You heard it here first. She turned me down, she said no. And since it was three times, that means she turned me down twice.”
They say when you work hard for something, you appreciated it that much more. Denzel worked hard to get his woman, and he definitely has worked harder to keep her.
Love these two!

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