Thursday, 29 May 2014


We women can count the number of times that we've heard men say “I hate a nagging woman”,
Every guy hates a nagging woman, so why then do women keep nagging?
We know you do, so y cant we just lay off the nagging?

Well, it’s because you just don’t  LISTEN! Yep, LISTENING

Lets go through a typical scenario

Day 1
Woman: Sweetly coos hey baby, can you add more water in the kettle ,when next you make coffee, so I can have some too. you know I also like coffee in the morning..
Man: My bad sweety, I forgot to rush .. bye
Woman: smiles ,it’s cool*kiss* and leaves

Day 2
Woman: Baby you forgot to leave some hot water for me again? Haba babe, you know i need coffee too nah
Man: Doh!…I forgot .. I no know wetin dey do my brain(laughs)
Woman: Woman laughs n boils water

Day 3
Woman: Water don finish wa , u no even send at all, no be me introduce this coffee to you(notice the English language has disappeared)
Man: Haaa darling now.. u come dey vex this kain small thing? Ok no vex love .. omalicha
Woman : smiles .. its like u don’t hear me at all..
Man: I say no vex.. come hear you …* kiss kiss*
Woman : smiles

Day 4
Woman: For goodness sake.. no water againnnnnnn, kai , I’ve been saying it since …, why do you make coffee for yourself only , is too much for you to make a cup for me? I’ve not even asked you to do that, I just said , please fill up the kettle , so I can also have some.. We both have to rush out of the house.! It’s not just you , I mean, why cant you just get it?
Man: Hahan whats all this? Is that why you are now shouting? Ordinary water???
Woman: it’s not ordinary water, I’ve asked you time and time again to just add a bit more water, but u just don’t listen!
Man: Abege it’s early morning and I don’t have time for this rubbish.. it’s water you are just ranting about like this?
Woman: Oh, I’m ranting now? .. that’s what you always say, but I’ve repeatedly asked you too ,everything I ask you to do , you just disregard, I’m tired(o boy , lecture has started)  u just simply don’t care, u cant be bothered..its not all about you ,u know.. I do everything … (and then the list goes on and on)
Man: thinks to himself(just because of water …)

The circle continues and the end result is I’ve got a nagging wife .But what part did you play in getting her there?

Conclusion :
The root of the problem Listening  

Not listening to each other  is the other major reason why people get on each other's nerves and this leads to a communication problem and we all know communication is the major reason why so many relationships and marriages end in failure.

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