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It Is A Man's World

An interesting article i found ... I kind of agree from a religious Perspective.. hmmm

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I found some answers and I would like to share them with you all. First of all I want to acknowledge the fact that it is truly a man's world. Okay now that that has been established I want to go to how it came about. There are a lot of factors like physical strength, economic power etc. But I want to focus on what I think is the biblical beginning of why it is a man's world.

In Genesis chapter 3; the snake tempted the woman, she ate the food and in turn she gave it to her husband to eat. Then God came and the man and woman ran away because they were naked. God asked them how they knew that they naked? Have they eaten from the forbidden tree?
The woman replied that the snake tricked her, God punished the snake.

Then God faced the woman, and gave her her own punishment “I will increase your trouble in pregnancy and your pain in giving birth. In spite of this, you will still have desire for your husband, yet you will be subject to him.” ( this is where it was ordained!!! 'Yet your urge shall be for your husband and he shall rule over you!!!!'). Urge as in she will not be able to control it, it will become instinctive like sneezing when you are cold.

Then God faced the man and said '' Because you have listened to your wife and ate from the forbidden tree cursed is the ground because of you! In toil you shall eat its yield!
The woman's punishment is to be subject to her husband, this is a fair punishment because the woman has already shown that her mind can easily be carried away with ideas and she can choose the wrong part because it seems so shiny. This still happens to women today, I am a woman and sometimes I just get swayed by somethings that sound so brilliant, I am telling you that Eve did what every woman would have done on earth ( if not we will not all be here, some women will have remained in heaven).

The snake really did a convincing job saying ohh you all will be wise after eating this fruit oh. I am sure the woman already started calculating, so there is a way we can be wise hmm, so our eyes can open, hmmmmm this is a good deal oh. That is why God in his infinite wisdom subjected her to her husband (I said her husband not all men) so that the husband can analyze the matter and have the final say in the decision.
Please also notice that when God was asking the man about the situation, Adam said, 'it is this woman who you put here with me- she gave me fruit from that tree'. This is another reason why God has put the man to rule over the woman. Because God does not want any more excuses from Adam, how would that grown up man be saying oh oh it is the woman's fault. God is giving Adam a chance to vindicate himself so that in future if anything happens in the family, God will question Adam and Adam will not have the woman as an excuse.
Okay now how can this be translated to modern life. It is a man's world because most men (married or unmarried) think that God's instruction in the garden of Eden applies to alllll women (married, unmarried) they come across and this is NOT so. Also women's own is worse because it is instinctive, so if they are not conscious about this issue they will naturally become subjected to allllllll the men they come across.
Please men and women be conscious of these things. These rulings were given in the context of marriage (i.e between Adam and Eve) and NOT some other kind of relationship (lover or boyfriend aka playfriend aka marriage-tester) or friendship, be it your boss, employee etc. I am not saying you should not be obedient to other forms outside marriage but do not do it in the same level as in marriage (total submission). Just be respectful and courteous.

To the married people please do not abuse the stands that God has given you especially men because women feel their punishment from God more because it is an instinctive punishment, it is an urge, it's not something that can easily be controlled that is why it is easier for most women to be submissive to a man. God gave you (Men) this standing so that you will vindicate yourself and lead and so that you will not have excuses for him when things go wrong in your family.

And to the women please because it is instinctive I will suggest that a woman should be with a man that she can respect his decisions and leadership on issues. A man who will listen to your counsel with respect, but analyze it before making the final decision. Forget it we women our brains can sometimes overtake us, that's how we will want to do sharp sharp thinking like Eve which sometimes comes out well. After all the fruit DID make mankind wise (know right from wrong), and DID open our eyes to nakedness. But God is telling us to quench so the end result aren't disastrous. Let the men dull our ideas small so we don't get kicked out of the garden of Eden, Hehe
We all need to be true to ourselves in whatever judgement God has posed on us because it is not to condemn or kill us but to vindicate us. Men! Be true to your calling as men, God gave you punishment to tilt the earth and lead! That is why he equipped you with muscles and strength for the job, not to be raping, beating, bullying, and harassing women. Most problems with society especially martial problems, are because men are revoking and abusing this identity God has for them, and this chance to vindicate themselves. Women! Be true to your calling as women, God gave you the cross of childbirth and submissiveness, stop all these feminism 'I will never submit to a man!(husband)

I believe most women say these things because of the men they encountered who used their positions as men to oppress or violate them. Please if you want to be married, find a man worthy of your submission (true to his God given identity as a man) and then submit. Do not revoke your true identity from God because you feel weak or vulnerable by it.

It is a man's world because Adam gave a silly answer in the garden of Eden, and God is giving him (all men) another chance to vindicate themselves. And this time men can not say 'it is the woman you put for me that caused this' because that excuse has been overruled.

Everybody should correctly play their part of God's judgement on the issue because at the end of it all we will stand before him to answer questions.

This is my insight, but God's word is infinite and contains more wisdom than I can comprehend.

You agree?

Culled from StellaD

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