Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Davido vows to pay street hawkers education up to the university...

A story after my heart, God bless you Davido..
Days ago, a fan tweeted the photograph of a little boy, a street hawker called Abubakar, and asked Davido to contribute to the little boy’s future.
Davido, who is known to occasionally donate funds to his fans’ businesses/education, agreed to help the little boy if he anyone is able to find him.

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram
“Find him for me,” Davido tweeted back, “And I will make sure he gets his education.”
And it’s the lucky boy’s day!
Moments ago, the ‘Aye’ crooner shared Abubakar’s new photo, confirming that the has been found. And true to his words and more, Davido reaffirmed his promise to pay for the boy’s education until he graduates from the university.
“[I] can’t wait to meet Abubakar and send him to shcool,” Davido captioned the photo of the neatly-kitted boy smiling at the camera. “He deserves the world!”
2015-10-19 12.27.21
Photo: Instagram
2015-10-19 12.26.06
This melts the heart – this is absolutely touching!
Thank you, OBO!
Source: Instagram

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