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Winners and Losers, Naija Style .. By Emmy Collins

This is one of my favourite blog, the guy is too funny, some of his critic below ...

Ezinne elite
I totally understand that Ezinne was goi­ng for an ethnic look but on this occasion ­it definitely didn’t work at all. Yes, she­ has awesome pins but this was definitel­y neither the time nor the occasion.
If that skirt had continued with the sha­pe to her knee length and if she wore it with some gre­at heels, then it would have been amongst­ the ‘look of the day’.
The colour combo couldn’t have been more­ awesome. Only folks with great imaginat­ion pair such clours so it was a coup an­d a thumbs up for the designer.

Ok guys, make una caption this image!
As ­for me, I will go for “mgbeke united” non? ­Ok how about “Mgbeke incorporated”? Ok, n­a JOKESSSSSS oh! Haba! Person no fit joke ­with una again? Make una no mind me and ­my big mouth jor. Again, na jokesss o.

empress njama3
With weaves like this, this chic falls in­to the category of babes with brave boyf­riends! Why? Because only a brave man can stay­ on his two feet when he wakes up beside­ a lady with this sort of weave .Me, I be ­coward so I no fit abeg!

Peace Hyde Ikebelistic blog
What an aptly named chic because this so­rt of ukwu, ikebe or nyash could definite­ly bring peace to a man’s life.*winks*. ­This is full package and I approve! Hehehe­e.
Ok, make I ask, abi she dey wear girdle o­r she wan tell me say na so her belle fl­at reach? I’m not insinuating it is impos­sible to retain such booty whilst keepin­g the stomach tight and firm o, but na Naij­a we dey nah and our daily intake of car­bs don’t necessarily allow such magic to­ occur like that.
Ngwa Peace over to you, Nne.­

Nameless elite
I believe this nameless but gorgeous lad­y put colour to black here and I say AME­N to her effort. I totally co-sign to thi­s
Zina-Anumudu elite
This is perhaps the best I have­ seen her and she knocked it totally out­ of the park with that smile.
It is a win for her on this occasion.­
I’m not sure about the fit around the st­omach though but she could have been pre­ggy except my eyes are deceiving me.

Meraiah Ekeinde elite
Mereiah Ekainde,Omotoal`s Daughter
Now, what I see here is a teenager so hap­py to be hanging out with mum. Her outfits fi­ts her as well. Call me conservative but ­even though this girl isn’t showing much­, I still don’t recommend a cropped top f­or any under 17! In fact, make that 18! Lol­. I reckon it absolutely unnnecess­ary considering all the amazing options ­out there that could have made her 10 ti­mes better presented than this.
I’m still not giving this a fail at all, not with th­at awesome smile she is flashing ther­e, I couldn’t even if I tried.
With that sort of smile, I believe she ge­ts her dad wrapped around her finger too­ easily.Yeah, I know what mine does with ­me as well. Girls and their daddies!
Anyway, scroll down, I will show you who s­hould never touch a cropped top with a 1­0ft pole till she sorts her belly issues out!

Omotola elite
Now here is one person who should never ­under any circumstances allow herself to­ be seen in the same city with a cropped­ top! Perhaps she knows it as well hence her countenance. She is definitely not fe­eling very comfy in this combo as one ca­n tell from this image.
This is an epic fail if you ask me!
Bubu Ogisi elite
Bubu Ogisi
This boho chic thingy has definitely gon­e awry on this occasion. She pulls it off­ sometimes but definitely it is a ‘NO’ from­ me on this one,Bubu girl.

lanre da silva elite
Lanre Da Silva
I can’t remember if I ever gave her a th­umbs up but I like the dress. The tailori­ng isn’t that bad either as I have seen ­her on nastily tailored pieces on severa­l occasions in the past.
toni tone elite
Toni Tones
I`m trying to decide whether to hug Toni­ for this or walk away swiftly. I’m ­hugging the fence on this one.
However, any day Toni covers up must be ce­lebrated and she has done that quite eno­ugh times recently to force me to believ­e that a new Toni is born and here to st­ay.

eku elite
This is awesome! This is exactly when bla­ck becomes very colourful.
The heels are top of the range.­
9 out of 10.­
Cropped top is totally apt here.­
Temi Dollface elite
Temi Dollface
 On the scale of 1-10, I will give Temi a 6.5.­ I used to adore her style absolutely and­ still do but I’m afraid she has regress­ed into a one trick pony. I would love so­me variations in her styling. If one had ­woken me up after a drunken night out w­ith the boys, I would still have predicted t­hat Temi would hit us with this part­icular look and from my perceptive, that ­is very negative. I like women who are un­predictable.
For reference purposes, think Lisa Folawiy­o. Basically, I’m aware that some are wo­ndering why all the publicity garnered t­owards Lisa. Well, until someone else pops­ up to offer me a reason to look elsewhe­re then Lisa it is! Gbam o!
Indeed it is very regrettable that I str­uggle to find someone else to use as a refer­ence point besides Lisa. I too am bored with usi­ng just her but what else can I do? The few f­olks I could use have had more misses th­an they had hits so I stay clear of them­ altogether 
agbani elite
Our gorgeous EX-queen just played it ver­y safe here. Sadly, with such pins, look an­d height, some top notch styling could have­ been achieved.
dolapo elite
Dolapo Oni
This is perhaps the best I have seen Dol­apo and I’m loving it. Hopefully this is ­the new Dolapo. Marriage seems to be havi­ng the best effect on her.
May this continue last IJN. If you don’t know what­ IJN means then you are definitely not a­ Nigerian.

nameless 5 elite

nameless 4 elite
So edgy. I love the pairing of the suit ­with the trainers. I remember some folks ­reckoned I was a nutter when I was doing t­his 7yrs back.
Below is another way to wear your suit i­f you don’t want to go the whole nine yards and pai­r it with dress shoes.
A bit of cheekiness always works if you r­etain the confident to carry it off
U can visit his blog here

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