Friday, 24 June 2016

End of the world PANIC as Britain exit EU

Honestly , i'm just speechless .....

Britain woke up to news of the historic Brexit vote and disappointed Remain voters were quick to show their dismay with memes on social media.

Twitter users took to the social networking site to share their takes on the UK's decision to quit the European Union.Many of the images envisage a post-apocalyptic Britain, while others draw inspiration from movies, TV shows and sport. 

Prime Minister, flanked by wife Samantha in Downing Street, announced he would be resigning as a result of the referendum.
He said he had been 'proud' to serve as PM for the past six years, but it would not be right for him to be the 'captain of the ship' while the UK negotiated its exit from the EU.

The Pound nose-dived to its lowest level against the US dollar for 31 years as traders took fright at the news, and the stock market is likely to be suspended to avoid a crash. 
SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has already raised the prospect of a second independence referendum in Scotland. 

source :Daily mail

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