Thursday, 16 June 2016

How to get Banky W to marry you.

I got this write up from a blog and its hilarious ... cant stop laughing... all these for Banky W???
I mean he's cute.. but still lol

Read article below.

Last Saturday, Banky W posted a photo of his fingers among his married friends with the caption, “Last man standing. God will Provide”
What if I told you it is possible to be the last woman standing with him? Celebrities get married to their fans every week and a little bit of creativity on social media can do the trick. Here are a few tips that might help.

1.Change your profession
You need a profession that aligns with what Banky W does, music. If you are a doctor, banker or lawyer, Sorry! No Banky W for you.
It’s time to switch to a profession that would make Banky W heart go gbin gbin as he always say it does whenever he is in love.
What are you capable of? Moving your waist on the dance floor or backup singing. When you’ve perfected your skills at any of these two, the mere sight of you go dey do him strong tin.

2.Hang out where Banky W visits
This is a sure way to meet him. Check his Instagram feed for clues. Some of them I found include,

Cheesecake factory
Hip TV office
Lekki Gym
Celebrity weddings
Music shows

Notice how the lyrics of some of his songs are usually,
‘I step into the club’
‘I step into the party’
‘I see this fine girl at the show’

For the lawyers, doctors and bankers crushing on BankyW, never have I heard,
‘I step into the court’
‘I step into the hospital’
‘I step into the bank’

3.Tell him to wish you happy birthday
Look at the number of birthday posts flooding Banky’s Instagram feed. It shows he’s a nice person and it’s easy to get yours there.
Just DM a few days before to gush on how you are his number 1 fan and how a happy birthday from him is enough to make your day. Trust me, he’ll oblige.

You are probably wondering why a relationship with BankyW hasn’t worked for other Instagram girls in his feed. This boils down to proper follow up after.
Send him Proverb bible verses weekly, lol at his tweets, tell him what attracts you most in a man is the size of his head, DHL him a fancy comb cos you believe when there’s life, there’s hope for hair growth, repost links of his videos, make him your MCM weekly and who knows, he might come knocking in your DM to ask if you’d be his lover.

4.Upload a nice avatar
See, Banky W is not a fan of Atutukpoyoyos. The fine girls he usually post on his Instagram feed are enough proof. Get a proper makeover and a professional photographer to take your photo.
He even said his heart skips anytime he sees a pretty face.
Like I said earlier, the goal is to make his heart go gbim gbim gbim and jinkelele the first time he sees your picture.
You know it’s only BankyW heart that can multitask like that at the same time.

5.Relocate to Lekki
Even if you’ve managed to get Banky W attention on Instagram and he expresses interest in you, life is too short to be crossing third mainland bridge to visit a girl in this era of N145 a litre, even if you are from Ebute Metta.
Fear God!
Have you ever had an online conversation with all these celebs?
The oppression is real!
They don’t ask “So which State are you?”
They say, “Where in the Island are you?”

Thank God for that 150K per year one room apartment in Obalende.

6.Change your social media feed

If you were lucky to get Banky W to follow you on Twitter or Instagram, it’s time to update your feed responsibly. Banky W will not take you serious if all you do is tweet about how you are going to pay back men who keep breaking your hearts or if your IG feed is littered with celebrities like Burna Boy as your MCM. Runsgirls, this post is not for you!
Banky W once said,

“Don’t break what’s left of my heart
I can’t live
I can’t breathe eh
I can’t live eh”

Do you want to kill our Banky W? Do you?

I hope these tips helps someone and don’t forget to invite me to the wedding.

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