Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Game of thrones season 7 episode 1 short recap

Wow... what an episode that was.!

Quick Breakdown:

Arya kills all the freys. Red reception after d red

Cersie needs support so invited Uncle euron greyjoy who wants to marry her.  But will come back with a gift so she knows he's serious

Sansa is trying Jon snow. Hmmmm

Little fingers is trying to take Adavantage of the power struggle

Sam working his way up to be a measter and he sneaks into the room of forbidden books.  Starts Reading and finds out  about dragonglass

Mother of dragon lands where she was born.  She has now reached westeros. Now she will start planning her attack on the capital which is kings landing.

Brothers without banners.  The hound finally believes there is trouble coming.  So their mission to stop whitewalkers is for real

And will arya kill all the Lannister soldiers and Ed sheeran? thoughts?

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